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Are you either new to horse racing, a professional, or simply looking for a system that really works?

Racextra has rapidly become one of the leading statistical horse racing system analysis services available. Our unique and very different approach appeals to all types of horse racing enthusiasts, including amateurs and professionals.

Our methods and ratings have been designed from the ground up giving you the ability to track and monitor every detail of forthcoming races. You will have access to a vast array of information which you can then arrange in your own workable format. The difficulties of tracking, monitoring and making sense of horse racing information will at last be a thing of the past.

No other horse racing service in the UK gives you the ability to not only access years of data but also to utilise our unique functionality, with the specific view of improving your knowledge and success.


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Our Horse's Of Interest Winners for the last 7 days

Fisher Green 33/1,   Loyalty 14/1,   Le Torrent 14/1,   Rockley Point 12/1,   Eviscerating 10/1,   Dinny Lacey 7/1,  

Lady Writer 7/1,   Roaring Bull 7/1,   Enlighten 7/1,   Park Row 13/2,   Clearance 11/2,   Glan Y Gors 11/2,  

Advantage Point 5/1,   May Peace Prevail 5/1,   Western Morning 5/1,   Quantatmental 4/1,   Take Revenge 4/1,   My Dear Friend 7/2,  

Masalai 100/30F,   Cityman 11/4,   Hope´s Wishes 11/4,   Chess Grand Master 5/2,   Kodiac Harbour 5/2,   Uno Mas 5/2,  

Chica De La Noche 9/4,   Sooqaan 9/4J,   Mochalov 9/4F,   Chaparral Dream 2/1F,   Gorgeous General 2/1,   Generous Jack 15/8F,  

Carlos Du Fruitier 7/4F,   Executive Force 13/8F,   Pack Your Bags 13/8F,   The Game Of Life 13/8F,   Pistol Whipped 13/8F,   Queenohearts 13/8F,  

Acey Milan 11/8F,   Josies Orders 5/4F,   Helovaplan 11/10F,   Christopher Wood 10/11F,   Rakhine State 9/10F,   Brelan D´as 8/11F,  

Ulster 8/11F,   Pravalaguna 8/13F,   Black Tears 8/13F,   Lion Hearted 4/7F,   Yuften 1/2F,   Dream Du Grand Val 1/3F,  

Cirque Royal 1/3F,   City Island 1/5F,   Blazer's Mill 1/6F,   Orchid Star 1/12F,   Playfull Spirit EvensF,  

Racextra is not a betting or tipping service. Any subsequent bets are placed at your own risk. Please visit gambleaware.co.uk

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